Most Homeowners may be Entitled to Cavity Wall Compensation due to incorrect installation. Refunds Average From £10,000 and £25,000+ Per Home *Click Here For More Info On Our FREE Boiler Scheme*
If Damp is Left Untreated Your Home Could Lose Its Value and In Some Cases, Your Health could suffer, call 0330 1244 646 also *click here for stone cavity wall insulation claims*
Typical signs of damp in a building include:
  • Wallpaper discoloured or peeling
  • Signs of mould, fungus or mildew on the walls
  • Rotting woodwork
  • Damp patchy walls
  • Condensation on walls
  • Cold rooms where you are constantly heating
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So if you feel that your installation could be the cause of damp in your property then there is no cost to you the homeowner.

  • Why Claim for Damage Caused By Cavity Wall Insulation?

    Since the 1980s, millions of people have had their homes damaged because of poorly installed cavity wall insulation. It is widely accepted that a large percentage of UK homes had insulation installed using processes that did not meet the standards set by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. Those homeowners now have problems with damp in their homes.

    We Help You Claim

    At National Property Claims (NPC) we can help you claim for damage caused by the improper installation of insulation in your home. We will not sell your details to other companies or use them for marketing purposes. We will assess your claim for cavity wall insulation issues and if NPC believes that your property was damaged by incorrect cavity wall insulation installation then we will help you make a claim via our partners, under a No Win-No Fee conditional arrangement.

  • We Are Here to Help

    We are here to help you to get reimbursed for the damage to your property through incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation. We are a team of surveyors who have more than five years of experience in this specific industry. We are based in the North of England, and we work with loss adjusters and other experts to provide the best possible service to all of our clients.

    We have a panel of no win, no fee solicitors who do not charge upfront fees. Our solicitors are completely transparent, and both we and our partners are committed to providing the best service we can from the first contact to the resolution of the claim.

    From the moment you submit the claim to the time the claim is resolved and paid, you can be certain that we will offer you the best possible service.


    Free Home Surveys to Assess the Damage to Your Home
    The family home is the biggest financial investment that most people are likely to ever make. It is where a family will spend most of their time and you want to feel safe and secure there. Since the 1980s, Cavity Wall Insulation has been a common feature in British homes, with more than half of all homeowners in Britain having a property with this type of insulation. it is estimated that around three million homeowners are now experiencing problems as a result of incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation.

    Making a Cavity Wall Insulation Claim

    If you are concerned that your cavity wall insulation was not installed correctly then the good news is that you do have a number of options for recourse. Improperly installed cavity wall insulation can cause issues with your health and can damage the property as well. If you would like to know some of the common signs of improperly-installed insulation, read on. We have provided a list of tell-tale issues which could help you to determine if your home has been damaged by badly installed insulation:

    • Damp patches on the walls or ceiling
    • Mould present on the wall, ceiling or window frame
    • The appearance of mould on clothing, curtains or furniture
    • A damp smell
    • Rotting woodwork
    • Signs of damage to brickwork
    • Bubbling on the wallpaper

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Estimated Homes Insulated


Estimated Homes Affected


Minimum Compensation

  • Southport

    Stone Built property – Extract and refill, Replastering walls, Re-decoration


  • Lytham

    Brick Built property – Furniture Damage, Kitchen replacement and Re-plastering


  • Southport

    Stone Built property – Extract and refill, Replastering walls, Re-decoration


  • Lytham

    Brick Built property – Furniture Damage, Kitchen replacement and Re-plastering


Our Claims Process
With a faulty installation confirmation from our surveyors our legal department will take your case forward at no cost to you. Our fee is only paid on achieving a successful claim for you.
Stage One
Please complete our simple claims assessment form. Link at bottom of this page.
Stage Two
We have trained experts who will go through your claim, point by point. Once completed they will explain the claim to you.
Stage Three
Once we have reviewed your case,providing we believe that you have a valid complaint, we will send a qualified surveyor to view your property and complete a feasibility study. This is entirely at our expense with no charge to you.
Stage Four
Our surveyor will confirm if your damp problems are as a result of a faulty installation of cavity wall insulation.
Stage Five
With a faulty installation confirmation from our surveyors our legal department will take your case forward at no cost to you. Our fee is only paid on achieving a successful claim for you.

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Cavity wall claims – How It Began

The idea initially was to make the home more energy efficient enabling people to cut their energy bills, this was done by the energy companies persuading members of the public to take part in the Governments’ energy efficiency scheme by installing cavity wall insulation.
Much of this building work was subcontracted out to CWI installation companies’ to carry out the cavity insulation to meet the Government mandated energy targets, in particular homes in the south east were targeted, however the north west and northern Ireland were also included.
However, due to issues such as poor installation, poor workmanship, low quality training of the workers and other issues with the CWI installers many of these cavity wall installations were poorly carried out, leaving many British homeowners with thousands of pounds worth of damages, and other issues such as rotten woodwork, blocked air vents, dry rot, mould, damp, building condensation and scare stories of large scale damage started to surface.
The Cavity Wall Guarantee Agency (CIGA) even issued free cavity wall installations to households as part of the energy efficiency scheme and issued what is known as a ‘ciga guarantee’ of 25 years for the insulation, and certain energy supplier ran campaigns began to emerge offering free cavity wall installations.
The national insulation association began to receive complaints about the quality of the building work, (also the citizens advice bureau), citing poor installation and internal wall damage and other issues (mentioned above), trading standards also received reports of poor workmanship, and these complaints slowly turned into cavity wall insulation claims where people began to receive compensation not only to cover the damages but also compensation in addition.
Consumers who were promised a way in which to cut energy costs were left with damage to their property, but also the prospect of making a cavity claim.
When it comes to installing cavity wall insulation considerable care needs to be taken, and certain types of insulation (urea formaldehyde) can also decay with time and become less effective as an insulator.


Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – Am I Eligible For Compensation?

This question is best answered once one of our CWI claims (Cavity Wall Claims) specialists has had a chance to investigate the circumstances around your potentially mis sold cavity installation.


Is There Anything I Can Do To Help My Cavity Wall Claim?

There are certain things you can have on hand that can facilitate the CWI claim, for example:
Your original contract or signed agreement
Assessment report of your property
CIGA guarantee or warranty
Contact details or business cards
Before and after pictures of the property
Any relevant receipts for purchases or work carried out by the CWI installers
Any other documentation relevant to the cavity installation
Having any of the above original documentation can help with cwi claims.
All Claims Are Carried Out On A No Win No Fee Basis
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