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Each Of These Products Are Offered To The Public As Part Of New Energy Saving Initiatives Supported By Government Grants.
Benefits Of Making Your Home Insulated & Energy Efficient
  • Save Money On Household Bills
  • Compensation Awarded (If You Claim For Mis Sold CWI)
  • A Warmer Property With Proper Insulation
  • Home Is More Saleable Should You Wish To Do So
  • Less Vulnerable To Moisture & Damage
  • Easier To Maintain A More Constant Temperature
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How Each Solution Helps You Save Money & Have A Warmer, Better Home
Cavity Wall Claims (& Re Installation), FREE Boiler Installation, Free Underfloor Insulation Are All Solutions For A Better Property, Standard Of Home Comfort.

  • FREE Boiler Scheme

    The Government has a scheme which enables people who qualify (homeowners, private tenants) to have their old boiler replaced with a brand new free boiler which is energy efficient and safer.

    The Government ECO Free Boiler Scheme? What Is This?

    The Government ECO Free Boiler Scheme is an initiative to help low income households pocket option app download keep their homes’ warm and also reduce expenditure on energy bills.

    One of the primary aims is reducing the cost of heating bills, along with reducing the carbon footprint of old, inefficient energy systems and boiler systems in homes.

    Our simple to use, quick and easy online application process can tell you if you qualify for this Government scheme.

    Upon using our online checker, if you qualify one of our approved agents will be in contact with you to discuss the next stage in getting your free boiler grant (which includes both the boiler and installation).

    The Government boiler grants are non repayable, so you will not pay a penny for your boiler installation it is completely free of charge.

    Who Is Eligible To Qualify For The Government Scheme?

    You must be a homeowner or a tenant with a boiler that is more than 8 years old to qualify for the Government scheme, if you meet this criteria you should use our online checker to find out if you can get your free boiler with free installation and fitting.

    1. Safer heating system – less of a chance of any hazards
    2. Reduce energy bills – save money just as a result of having one of our boilers installed.
    3. Less chance of a boiler issue or mechanical failure
    4. New boiler with a 10 year guarantee
    5. FREE Boiler! FREE Fitting!

    To find out now if you qualify for a boiler use our online checker

  • Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – Am I Eligible For Compensation?

    This question is best answered once one of our CWI claims (Cavity Wall Claims) specialists has had a chance to investigate the circumstances around your potentially mis sold cavity installation.

    Is There Anything I Can Do To Help My Cavity Wall Claim?

    There are certain things you can have on hand that can facilitate the CWI claim, for example:
    Your original contract or signed agreement
    Assessment report of your property
    CIGA guarantee or warranty
    Contact details or business cards
    Before and after pictures of the property
    Any relevant receipts for purchases or work carried out by the CWI installers
    Any other documentation relevant to the cavity installation
    Having any of the above original documentation can help with cwi claims.
    All Claims Are Carried Out On A No Win No Fee Basis

    Why Claim for Damage Caused By Cavity Wall Insulation?

    Since the 1980s, millions of people have had their homes damaged because of poorly installed cavity wall insulation. It is widely accepted that a large percentage of UK homes had insulation installed using processes that did not meet the standards set by the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency. Those homeowners now have problems with damp in their homes.

    We Help You Claim

    At National Property Claims (NPC) we can help you claim for damage caused by the improper installation of insulation in your home. We will not sell your details to other companies or use them for marketing purposes.

    We will assess your claim for cavity wall insulation issues and if NPC believes that your property was damaged by incorrect cavity wall insulation installation then we will help you make a claim via our partners, under a No Win-No Fee conditional arrangement.

  • FREE Underfloor Heating

    Looking for an energy efficient way to keep your home warm and reduce heating bills? 

    At we can not only help you win compensation for mis sold cavity wall insulation, and help you get new insulation installed, not only free boilers, but also Free underfloor heating to complete your new energy efficient, insulated home. 


    Benefits of FREE Underfloor Insulation

    1. One of the cheapest ways to keep your property warm, cost efficient
    2. Works well in synergy with cavity wall replacement and heat from a new energy efficient boiler. 
    3. Relatively quick installation provided there is the right environment for underfloor heating to be included in your home (don’t worry our expert assessors will be able to verify this for you so you don’t have to). 
    4. Our installation procedures are as unintrusive and as efficient as possible
    5. We use only highly trained, highly qualified tradesmen to carry out all woks including underfloor heating

    How Do I Apply For FREE Underfloor Insulation?

    Simply get in touch with us and specify the nature of your enquiry so we can put you through to the right department to get your free assessment, from there we can get started.

    How Do I Know If I Will Be Eligible For FREE Underfloor Insulation In My Home?

    The fastest way to be sure of this is to make contact with us for your free assessment, we will ask for some basic details (most of which is already public record) and from there we will assess the circumstances and inform www you further.

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